About “Science in Review”


Science is an ubiquitous part of our lives and follows us wherever we go and in whatever we do.

In my opinion (and I know both sides), one of the problems of scientific knowledge today is that communication of science nurtures a gap between people in the field and the people outside the field.

Believe me, communicating science is a hard task. The line between what is needed to divulge and what will be understood is not easy to define.

At “Science in Review” I will do my best to digest the “hard scientific talk” that is published in major scientific journals and bring it to you in a more understandable way, specially if you are a layman in scientific knowledge.

Every topic is always open for discussion which also provides a way to eliminate doubts and share points of view.

I hope you enjoy your stay and let the science begin.

Why am I qualified to talk about science? I don’t know if it really qualifies me, but I graduated in biochemistry, spent a few years working in a research lab and now I’m in the process of finishing my Ph.D. in genetics.

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